There I did a three-year model-making course, which attracts students from all over the world and covers just about everything to do with the subject. In my final year, things took an agricultural turn, after packing away my childhood toys years ago, In the last year in college, we had to design our own brief, I tried to get drawings of the big skyscraper in Dubai Burj Khalifa, but couldn't get detailed enough drawings of it to continue making it. One of my friends had bought a model of an agricultural machine and paid a lot of money for it. When I looked at pictures of the real thing, I didn't really see the detail in the model and I knew from the course that I could do much better. 



I am from a beef and dairy farm. My interest in model making started, like many other farmers' sons, with the usual assortment of farm models, toy tractors and machinery I had at home. I always made my own models and my own farms as a child. If it wasn't available to buy in the shops then I'd make it. This talent developed, and in secondary school I made a model of nearby Lisheen Castle in woodwork class and got top marks. Focusing on this interest I decided to go into architectural model making as a career when I left school. I did a PLC art course in Colaiste Mhuire Thurles, when i was there i did work experience with Gerd Crawly Model Makers in Bray Co. Wicklow after the plc i got into the best model makers university in the uk and I moved to Bournemouth, on the southwest coast of England, to attend the Arts University College Bournemouth. 


"For my final year brief, I needed to pick out something good, so I picked a hedge cutter as it seemed to have a lot of complex parts. and a silage trailer as they seemed to be a good seller. 
"No models, or no really good models, of a hedge cutter had been made and McConnell would have stuck out as the one to make because they are very popular around home." 


College pretty much taught me how to do everything, How to make pretty much anything out of anything, from plastic, metal, resin and fiberglass. On the computing side, there is 3D modeling, special effects for filming and also prototype building, when any of the local contractors are busy and need extra drivers "if i can i drive for them" i find this helps me see the machinery from a new perspective and when i go back to making models i have a fresh view on things, 
I feel i have turned an old hobby into a job that i now love and also incorporates my passion for machinery.


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